The Other Side Of Youth 3

Tomorrow, Friday, December 8, we will be carrying out a new edition of The other face of youth,  in its third edition in the Crottogini Square of the Civic Center of Ciudad de la Costa (Costa Urbana Shopping Center) , department of Canelones.

From 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., adolescents and young people from different departments of the country will be present sharing different cultural disciplines such as dance, music, photography, audiovisual theater and urban art.

The framework of the activity will also have as a transversal axis the protagonist participation of youth in the promotion and defense of their human rights, making different proclamations regarding the fight against all forms of violence against children and adolescents, as well as violence gender, education, poverty among other sensitive issues.

The activity is part of the project More Rights, More Participation: More Knowledge that the UNCD has been carrying out with the co-financing of the Delegation of the European Union in Uruguay , to which are added the support of  ANONG , the Latin American Network and Caribeña for the defense of the rights of children and adolescents ( REDLAMYC ) and the regional project Weaving Childhood Networks , Save the Children  and also the Canary Islands .

For the UNCD as well as our strategic partners, this activity and future actions that we develop linked to the participation of adolescents and young people are essential. They show the present talent and the potential that they are continuously developing as fundamental actors in the construction of a more equitable society, with more opportunities and more rights exercised for everyone, especially giving the necessary priority to children and adolescents.

Working Groups Underway

During August and this month of September, working groups joined the UNCD, continuing the strengthening agenda for addressing and action on key issues of our children and adolescents.

Juvenile Criminal Justice Working Group

On 28 August, at the headquarters of SERPAJ was held the workshop   ” Justice  Criminal  Youth : approaches from the field of human rights”.

In this instance, an approach was made to the theoretical framework on Juvenile Criminal Justice and the scenario of the Uruguayan criminal procedure reform, as well as the incorporation of the accusatory criminal process and resistance to the repeal of regressive laws 18,777 and 19,055 in our legislation.

The workshop was directed by Dr. Juan Fumeiro, (president of DNI-Uruguay and coordinator of CDNU), and had the participation of operators / s from civil society organizations, students of social work and advocacy, from programs of the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and the National Institute for Adolescent Inclusion (INISA).

 Workshop New Code  of  Criminal Procedure  : implications and effects on the  Rights  of  Boys ,  Girls  and  Adolescents “ 

On September 13, at the Gurises Unidos headquarters, a workshop was held by Mag. Mariela Solari and the prosecutor Dr. Adriana Sampayo. In this instance, an approach was made to the effects of the New Criminal Procedure Code, especially with emphasis on aspects related to the rights of children and adolescents in our country.

We understand that these changes directly affect the population and the legal framework with which we work. Some of the elements addressed were: the new organic structure, powers and role of the Prosecutor’s Office, the way of working, the system for receiving complaints and the protocols for action, as well as other aspects considered pertinent.

Working group Right to life in the family and community of children and adolescents

The Thursday September 15 again met g roup  t ork  (GT) of the  CDNU  on d ight  to live f amilia  c ommunity  childhood and adolescence.

During the day, Luis Pedernera (expert from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child), Carmen Rodríguez (Psychologist, Doctor in Education, consultant on childhood and adolescent policies, and Pablo Domínguez (Director of La Barca) made presentations.

There was a table of presentations and debate on the Protection System for children and adolescents in  Uruguay  and the alternatives to care without locking up

To these activities we add the meetings that are being carried out within the framework of the WG on Violence against children and adolescents and the activities that are being developed in the Participation groups and our Observatory , which is being set up within the framework of the project More knowledge, More participation: More rights that we started this month with the financial cooperation of the European Union.

More Information About Us

The Committee on the Rights of the Child is a coalition of non-governmental, social and cultural organizations created in 1991 as a result of the ratification by our country of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Said Convention, in its articles 43, 44 and 45, provided for the formation of an International Committee on the Rights of the Child that functions within the orbit of the United Nations, whose task is to receive information from all the countries that ratified it, to the effects of verifying the real situation of children’s rights.

To carry out an exhaustive follow-up on the conditions of respect for the rights of children and adolescents, the preservation of achievements working for their advancement together with the defense of possible legal, political and social setbacks obtained in this area, is our responsibility. main task.

Our actions are organically composed of:

1. A Coordinating Team, currently made up of the following organizations:

  • Gurises Unidos: represented by Lucía Avellanal
  • SERPAJ: represented by Mauro Tomasini
  • IELSUR represented by Ignacio Salamano
  • Uruguay Section DNI: represented by Juan Fumeiro
  • New Moon: represented by Alfredo Correa
  • El Abrojo: represented by Gastón Cortés

2. A Plenary made up of the following organizations:

  • SOS Children’s Villages – Uruguay
  • SERPAJ (Peace and Justice Service);
  • Gustavo Volpe National Movement;
  • Life and Education;
  • DNI (Defense of Children International – Uruguay Section);
  • Rainbow;
  • San José Human Rights Group
  • Gurises Unidos;
  • PLENADI (National Plenary of Disabled Organizations
  • We are Ong;
  • Theatrical Institution “El Galpón”
  • IPRU;
  • Popular Education Center;
  • Institute of Popular Education “el abrojo”
  • La Barca Home;
  • Rescuing Smiles (Maldonado);
  • Open Center (Rivera);
  • Institute of Legal and Social Studies of Uruguay IELSUR
  • Marists – Uruguay
  • CIAR (Center for Research and Recreational Contributions);
  • ADESU – Association of Social Educators of Uruguay
  • People in a personal capacity involved in childhood.

Communication: Mauricio Vázquez Correa